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    VX Deluxe violently shaking

    Hey guys, I was coming home from a ride this afternoon when all of a sudden my 07 VX Deluxe started shaking. For some reason it wont go over 10 mph either.

    I'm thinking something may be stuck up in the impellar, but I dont want it to be something simple and pull it out of the water for no reason.

    Does anyone have any opinion?

    BTW it was extremely low on gas, I doubt that has anything to do with it, but im just letting you know.

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    I would check the pump area first."sounds" like something might have got sucked up.

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    yup, check the pump, look in the intake grate, maybe sucked up a stick, piece of wood, or shell... don`t continue to run it this way... look for prop and liner damage, if ya got lucky and it`s a stick you should be ok. if it`s a rock, then oh my!!!...

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    Thats what I figured. thanks guys!@!@!@!@!

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