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    pic of i/c set up

    heres a pic of my custom intercooler set up with a blitz blow off valve. i also installed a 14/19r and gained 3 mph over stock + 3in intake. new speed is 68.6 gps 3/4 tank of gas. with less fuel i figure i should be able to get between 69? what do you guys think? i'm also thinking about adding a intake grate to my ski depending on if i can gain any speed from it, thoughts on that would be appriciated.

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    NICE BOV......Ah just spend all the money you got.....I mean you dont live forever do you......well and then you still have bills

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    thanks. i haven't spent much on my ski at all, so far i've only spent 350 dollars for everything thats on it right now. most of the parts are things off old skis or things laying around (old parts from car)
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