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    Cool Do it your self flywheel puller

    Some washers, threaded-rod, a couple flange nuts, three bolts, a welder, and grinder! Walla, you have a flywheel puller. Savings of about a $100.
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    another easy way is to use a regular automotive harmonic balancer puller. You can usually buy one for under 30. or rent one at some of the local parts stores worked great.

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    I just bought a set for 8.95 at harbor freight.

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    how big is that thread? The biggest one?

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    I bought another puller today at autoparts for 18 bucks. It worked out good.

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    [I just drilled out an old piece of 3/8 steel I had kicking around. I did have to buy 3 metric bolts - - total cost $ 2.38

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    In a hurry made mine. brick bolster chisil, drilled 3 holes to match flywheel bolt holes. 3 8mm bolts and nuts put nuts on bolts, put throgh holes in bolster screw in flywheel, not to far to damage coils tighten each nut slightly, put on pressure. hit centre of balster sharp blow with hammer

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    I had a pretty good load on mine and it wouldn't pop, so I used a heat gun at center for aprox 3min. and pop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 153stars View Post
    I had a pretty good load on mine and it wouldn't pop, so I used a heat gun at center for aprox 3min. and pop!
    I used the same procedure as well. Luckily I read some threads here prior to taking off my flywheel off because I was going to use a torch but learned I would have damaged my crankshaft seal in doing so.

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