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Thread: 97 XP No Start

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    97 XP No Start

    I can't get my XP running. Starter spins it over like crazy but no start.
    There is spark at the plugs...good compression(new pistons & rings) and it is getting fuel. Seems like it ought to fire but absolutely won't.
    Sea Doo manual states that ignition timing is controlled by the MPEM.
    Could it be that the problem is ignition timing is off due to bad MPEM?About ready to buy new one I've heard prices of $400.00-$700.00.
    Does anyone out there sell good used?
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as I've been fighting this thing for some time.

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    Re: 97 XP

    Since it's not there I'm gonna ask.

    The starter spins, but is it engaging and turning the crankshaft?

    You just rebuilt the top end and I'm assuming it worked fine before that. I would check other places before I pointed my finger at the MPEM which at this point had no reason to just up and die while you were rebuilding the top end.

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    Thanks for reply
    The ski last ran summer '06. The only problem at that time was it would take spells of suddenly dieing at speed. It would always restart but might only run for a few seconds and die again over and over. Other than that it ran great. I stored the ski for the winter and tried starting it spring '07. Could not get it started no matter what I tried. Didn't have time to ride summer '07 but I worked on the ski. Rebuilt carbs, top end rebuild, tested coils, checked rotary valve timing many times, checked fuses. All I can get it to do is backfire terribly.
    Yes the crank is is making good compression.

    Thanks again for the help

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    i had the same problem..ran good and suddenly died,turned out to be in the wiring i disconnected and cleaned every connector and then it ran like new..check connectors on the mpem make SUPER shure the all make good contact....mpem for the 97 xp is not the same as 96 or 98 so the are hard to find and expensive

    good luck

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    Thanks I'll check.

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    Rotary Valve

    Did you remove the rotary valve cover?
    if so or not i would check the rotar disk for flatness, its engaging on crankshaft and that it is in the correct position

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    You may have made a mistake with the carbs and they are flooding the engine. You said its getting fuel and spark so its compression or to much fuel

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