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    Question Rude SC'r or Riva Pro Series SD?

    I have a Riva Pro Series Superchager that works very well in my 05 RXP, I had Jerry do the upgraded ceramic bearings and metal washers for me. There's nothing wrong with this setup but I keep hearing so much about the "over the top performance" of the Rude supercharger. I'm at high elevation and I'm getting about 9lbs of boost at 8100 rpm's currently, the way I figure it is that I would get about 11lbs out of the Rude at 8100 rpm's.
    Ok so here's my question. Is it worth it to sell my riva sc'r for around $800 and pay another $1200 out of pocket for an extra 2 lbs of boost? Would I really be able to feel the difference?

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    IMO I would do do some research on JD1's pump extension and Jims rideplate mod. I'm at sea level so I see 2-3 more psi out of my s3 sc... If it were me those are the options I would look into.... that is of course other then eliminating the sc all together and fabbing up a turbo kit myself.... which may very well happen.

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    That's alot of money for the upgrade but if you're like the rest of us and want every last MPH, than why not?
    He hit on a great point, you got plenty of power, you might wanna address hull efficiency-sp ..The ride plate is a great place to start.. ~~4 MPH for around 800.00~~ OO conversion and OO plate

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    IMO $800 for an extra 20 to 30 hp is not bad.

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