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    900zxi bogs and wont go over 40 mph

    I have a kawa 900zxi some friends sunk it a while back and i got it going again but it seemed to gradually lose speed. I feel i have checked everything. Compression is 150psi all the way across. I felt it ran like it had plugged exhaust so i pulled the water box and installed a straight pipe and no change. I pulled the flywheel to see if the key way had sheered and changed the timing and all good. I pulled all three carbs and inspected looked all good ran with seat off and no exhaust leaks and looks like it is getting plenty off fuel. Is there anyone out there that may know what is going on. I am thinking about replacing the cdi but dont want to wast money.
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    check the fuel filters _inside_ the carbs

    I've found those a pretty common culprit, easy to miss too when worry about spending money on a buy and try solution sets in.

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    have you done WOT plug chops?

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    I know the Kawi's are famous for high tension lead ends pulling out of the plug caps. Try pulling them out of the caps, snipping the ends of the leads about a 1/4 inch back and screw the caps back on. Then get some good tie-straps and really come onto them. All of my old stand-ups went through the same problem and that made a huge difference. Also check the fuel separator and tank for debris and water. The lines may be full now but when running they will starve out if water is in the way of the filter pick-ups.

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