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    gpr 1300 03 engine seized on me today

    how much would this cost to fix ,and what caused it ,do i need to replace all 3 pistons and things i live in the uk please give me advice thanks
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    Lightbulb ??????????

    Hey Nobby..

    Looks like one of two things went wrong here..??

    1/. number 2 went lean..?? (Hmmmmm )

    2/. Something got into the cylinder..

    I'm thinking more like number 2, in the second picture you posted..

    It looks like what appears to be the remains of something embedded into your piston at the 11 o'clock position..

    My first guess would be one of the piston ring locating pins..

    Now to get up and running again you'll be looking at...

    1/. a new piston and rings.. (or good used S/H)
    2/. likely a new cylinder..(it may clean up..? through i wouldn't be too hopeful..!!) (or again S/H)
    3/. a new head.. (S/H is probably your best bet)
    4/. New gaskets as required..

    What i'd be more worried about is all the little bits of piston that are sitting in the transfer ports..
    There's a very good change some of these little bits are down in the crankcase too..??

    If you can post some more picture's of the cylinder from the top and side..


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    Need a picture from the other side looking into the exhaust port.

    Either crank is letting go or you snagged the exhaust valve. How many hours??

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    thanks for ur reply the cylinder is dead i think has deep 1-2 mm marks in it

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    ill post some more pics tomorrow,its dark here now its done 193 hours
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