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Thread: polaris alarm?

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    polaris alarm?

    I have a 96 sl 700 and I heard a strange alarm type sound coming from my ski . It did not appear to be overheating . Is any one familiar with any alarms on this type of ski? Any info would be great. also does any one know what the round thing with wires is, under the handle bar pad. it attaches to the bars. Is this the source of the alarm?

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    That is the alarm buzzer. I am not sure if its just for overheating, maybe it also is for low oil. Is your oil tank low on oil?

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    Its a coolent temp warning light, or thats what is says in manual.

    I took my pad off the handle bars and noticed it comes on alot mainly if I jump out of the water and not get on the gas right away when I land.

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    Looking at the schematic, it can be high temp or low oil. Both will set the alarm.

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