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    Checked the pipes and...

    Well I was trying to rule out reasons why my 00 pro 785 wont rev and tested the pipes for pressure. They were all good except the very bottom one has a crack on the small end away from the motor. It is in where the last water nipple goes into the end and then goes out the rest of the system. It is not cracked where exhaust will leak anywhere but it is inbetween where the 2 parts of the pipe meet so the water keeps on flowing out theend of the pipe and the amount that is flowing through the end nipple. Is this a problem? it is just getting more water to the end of the exhaust and is not pissing as much out of the pissers on the hull? What should I do and is that an easy fix? It is hard to explain so if this doesn't make sence just let me know.

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    How about a photo?
    You'll need to have the repair made either way, so maybe repair it and then makea run??

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