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Thread: Weak Spark

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    Weak Spark

    Alright the ski is running bad! my 1999 SLX is running ****ty. When i took it out this weekend it wouldn't rev up right. Then sometimes it would kick in and get up but only to like 5600 RPM. Then usually it would just cut out and die. I took the sparkies out and cleaned and then it would start run ****ty and flood again. Visually checking the spark it's a little hard to see but it does spark. It almost seems intermitten too. What should i check I'm thinkind CDI Stator or coils could someone put a link up to those checks and give a little advise? Thanks!

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    checked the ohms at the end of the plug wires and they came back pretty low
    at the 20K slection the readings came back as follow
    PTO 4.45
    Center 5.35
    Mag 5.35
    I dont have the plug caps that twist off the wire so i cannot test the wire directly or trim the ends. I want to check the coils but i dont understans how the book says to do it. What do i leave connected to the coils and what do i test?

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