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    94 SLT 750 Electrical

    Hey guys,
    I am trying to get a ski going and have had multiple problems. Seemed like a fuel delivery problem. Idled fine but would not go. Would start to take off and then die. Changed stock fuel pump to triple outlet, rebuilt carbs, checked compression... Started thinking about other causes. There is no limp mode on this ski, correct? Also, trying to troubleshoot the mfd because I get nothing. Opened electrical box and what a mess. There was no gasket and a lot of rust. The part of the board where the fuse to the mfd goes was broken off, no fuse in the box and one of the wires wasn't connected to anything. (From memory, I think it was yellow/red) And, there was no voltage rectifier/regulator in the box. Anyway, I was trying to put things back together. I installed an inline fuse to the mfd hoping that it was just not getting power. Connected everything and gave it a try. Started fine but the kill switch would not work. Disconnect power to the mfd and the kill switch worked again. HELP. makes no sense to me. Any ideas? Also, there is a brown (not tan) wire coming out of the top of the electrical box that was broken off at the rubber seal but inside the box was connected to nothing. Anybody know what this is for? I do have a tan wire going from the temp sensor through the Ebox to the mfd but I don't see one coming from the CDI. Any help would be appreciated. I'm going to need hair transplants if I keep this up.

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    It shouldn't have limp mode. Does the cdi have a grey wire?
    You can find the schematic and more here...

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    Save your hair,You could chase demons for a while with a nasty box and board. Best to get a good used one. Someone on here should have one. I have a spare but haven't open it up yet to know if it's any good,but John Zigler or Jabbis should have what you need.

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    Replace the circuit board for sure, it's around $20. The board has abbreviations on it that coincide with wire location.

    Or get a replacement box as mentioned before.

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    Just a note to people reading this who have the same problem jeffe had back in '08: If you have a "starts and idles but when you gas it, it dies" ski, CHECK THE FUEL SHUTOFF! Did you turn the fuel on? If it is shut it will idle on the gas in the line but die when it tries to pull more fuel and can't.

    Just a note in case you're over-thinking it.

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    Also make sure that you have the fuel supply and return lines on the right connectors.
    I know someone that did that once and the ski would idle fine but die with any throttle.
    Reversed the lines and ran great. I think the return is on top on those.

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