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    Smile 2002 Virage I loses power

    I have a 2002 Virage I. It has had off and on problems with losing power, maxes out around 4000 rpm. I had the fuel pump fixed and that "fixed" the proble for about 10 minutes, then it goes back to partial power. Both cylinders are in good shape, fuel pressure is good, even when it loses power now that the fuel pump has been repaired. The gas is good, plugs new...
    Has anyone had a similar issue and fiund the fix for it?


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    Any MFD lights on ?

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    Had the some thing similar on my 02' Txi. Ended up being a stator. One of the 45vac coils was open. Would run above 3500 rpm, die at idle. Got a warning light at 2000 rpm, but nothing every showed up as a fault.

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