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    '99 XPL reaches RPM and Speed

    "99XPL, fresh top end, 1st oversize ProX pistons, Miller head with 49cc domes, 165 compression, chokes removed, primer kits installed, 170 high jet, 87 low jet, low nedle 1 1/2 out, high 1/4 out, accel pump removed, Prok filters, V force reeds with R&D intake, new power valves and all related parts, Riva exhaust water kit, R & D intake and ride plate, Solas 15/20 Concord impellar, exhaust silencer removed, all fuel lines replaced.
    Ski jumps off the line and accels from any speed with no hessitation. Except for 2 minor fuel leaks not a single problem. Now have 10 hours on motor. Problem: 7100 RPM and 61 MPH reached at 3/4 throttle. I,m sure I'm on the rev limiter but is there anything I can do to gain use of the extra HP I'm not using? This is my son's ski and I would rather avoid increasing the rev limiter. Maybe a different prop with more pitch? Are the impellars like a boat props where a higher pitch would allow me to get full throttle at the same RPM? My '98 GSX with the same engine is almost done hopefully it will be as reliable as the XPL. We basically followed Ben's secret Mods for the Seadoo 951. Thanks Ben!

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    repitch the concord 15/20, go slow pitch the trailing edge to 21'

    testing props with a setup is very important.


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    that thing should boogie! like TLR said gotta be in the impeller pitch

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    agree as well.. Your RPM's are there.. So it's either the prop, or you have a ride plate or intake grate that is hanging down a bit. Seal all those cavities under the ski!

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