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    Riva Blue Tube Exhaust Leak (Freeflow)

    Ok, I have been battling this small exhaust leak. It only happens at WOT and it is coming from the rear of the ski behind the battery box so it is impossible to see. Only thing I can figure is that the leak is because of the freeflow.

    Any ideas?

    Oh I am using 2 stock exhaust clamps for each end of the freeflow tube. I have T-Clamps (used for highboost car setups) on the way. I am pretty sure it isn't leaking at the water box because there isn't any carbon. However there is a slight amount on the exit.
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    I would probably take it to the ramp and run it tied down on the trailer. Unbolt everything for the battery box and run the battery wires and breather over the top to the battery so that you can pull the box up and try to see where its leaking.

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    just wrap your blue tube with duct tape

    no, +1 as above..

    but you also might want to just take the tube off, and put it under a lamp or light.. and look everywhere to find the hole...

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    I guess I should have mentioned also I water tested the freeflow tube to find a leak. Nothing...

    I guess I will find a way to hook the battery up and run it on the hose and gun it a little. Hopefully it will leak. If not it looks like I am going to have to find a way to secure the ecu and the battery while I ride.

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