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    gas cans while towing?

    I am going on a 100 mile trip to the lake this weekend and I want to bring my two 7 gallon tanks with me since gas is a rip at marinas! Both cans have caps on them and they will ride in the back of the truck. I was thinking that putting the cap on the tanks would create pressure inside them from the road vibrations. Is this accurate and what should I do so that they wont spill? They are rubber cans.

    Any other things I should be concerned with.

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    I drive all over the placed ,even mud bug from texas with full gas cans , they will take the pressure. We had some on the trailer and some in the bed of the problems so far.

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    Keep them sealed when under way. The pressure will only rise a certain amount, then stabilize. Proper gasoline containers can handle this pressure, no problem.

    Just let them sit a bit, or carefully open the vent cap, when it is time to use the fuel.

    Don't bother venting to release pressure just to release pressure. The vapor pressure will rebuild again anyway. Vent when you want to use the fuel.

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