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    No Throttle on 2004 MSX 110- Help!

    Took our MSX 110 out on the river over the weekend. sounded like we sucked something up and the throttle stopped working. Everytime we pushed the throttle lever on the handle bar, it did not engage. All we could do is idle back to the dock. So, we drained everything and let it dry out. The jet ski will turn on, but will not let us accelerate. The water light came on and we are assuming after reading the manual that we have something caught in the propellar area and the safety kicked on to prevent overheating.

    Any thoughts? How would we take it apart to check if something is lodged in there? Seems to be taking on water too down in the bilge.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Download the Service manual, lots of good information in there.

    What warning messages do you see on the display?
    Does it show a red flashing light?

    You can look inside the jet pump with a good flashlight. Look in both ends, the rear and from underneath. There should not be any foreign objects present, nor any strangely bent blades.

    When you squeeze the throttle, does it rev to about 3500RPM, then start running rough, and not want to rev any higher?

    Or does the engine rev up plenty in the water, but not push the PWC forward?

    The water leak may, or may not, be related.

    It can be hard to see what is going on inside the MSX hull, as there are a number of hoses and such packed down in the back.

    If you can remove the metal cover over the drive shaft coupler (loosen the two side bolts, remove top bolt, then wiggle it off), you can see if the water is coming in there. Run it while strapped to the trailer in the water.

    Don't ride it like that, as the spinning coupler can sling water up into the engine air intake, where it will do no good.

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    (What warning messages do you see on the display?
    Does it show a red flashing light?)
    The display shows a flag in water waves - I think it means over heating?
    The red light only flashed a few times before the throttle stopped and the idle kicked in...after that the other symbol showed up on the display.

    (When you squeeze the throttle, does it rev to about 3500RPM, then start running rough, and not want to rev any higher?)
    After I turn it on, the engine will run but at slow RPM's. The throttle will not do anything at all when I push it...just goes back into place and you can not hear the engine rev up at all and it does not push the jet ski foward, only goes on idle and then starts to act like it is stalling. Read in the owners manual that the "safety" will kick in if something is caught...have you heard about that? It also said something about the throttle will kick off to prevent overheating...

    I will check out interior side of the jet pump to see if I can see anythign today. Thanks for the help!

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