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    Talking xlt 1200 bogging when cold

    What a great site!!
    Just bought our first ski, and thanks to this forum, it made searching MUCH easier when knowing what to look for!!
    I do have a question. On cold starts, it seems to be bogging down(or loading up) for a minute or so until it warms up some. Is this a common issue, or should I be looking for a problem?

    2003 xlt 1200
    wave eater clips, intake grate and new impeller


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    Lightbulb Eh..???

    Hey there Dan..

    Firstly welcome to the forum..

    OK from reading what you've posted..?!

    Is it safe to say you start the ski from cold then..??
    Try to ride it away like you've just stole it..??

    Any ski/bike/car/weedwacker/lawnmower... anything..!!

    Needs to be warmed up before you try to screw the arse off it..!!

    If this is the case then i fear your next post just might be...
    Help i've seized my ski..

    This will happen because..
    The pistons and cylinders don't expand at the same rate..!!
    So while your piston is growing the cylinder isn't.. outcome seized motor..

    It's always a good idea to warm the motor up first..
    Or at least until the water coming out the pisser is good and hot..

    So take it easy on the cold starts..

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    Thanks for the response Gerry.
    Not trying to ride it like I stole it at all. But when you give it some throttle to cruise around 10-15 mph for a minute or two, it just boggs as though is loading up. From what you say it sounds OK.
    Thanks for the input!


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    I think it will have a lot to do with your choke as well. I normally slowly pushed mine off as it heats up. Seems 2 work the best 4 me.

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    My ski would do the same thing ...until I put in new spark plugs.

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