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    Polaris Pro 785 wont rev out!

    I am having the problem where my 2000 pro wont rev very well past half throttle. It sounds like it is flooding out or leaning out but I would think it would rev crazy out of the water then. Mine only revs in the 6500 range. The valves are opening, stator is in the correct spot, crank and pistons are new, 150+ compression, pipes hold air and are not cracked, good new plugs, and it revs to mid 6K off trailer but even off the trailer it bogs past the mid to higher mid throttle. Anyone have any ideas? Mine is a 2000 and is all stock as far as I can tell. What are all of the jetting specs and asjustments?

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    Manual here

    Have the carbs been cleaned??

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    start buy looking at what jets you have and what year carbs you have
    and just because the crank is new doesn't mean it's true ???

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    I took it out to the lake and it idled fine, I had to use the choke to get it to rev up, and when it reved up it ripped real nice but only topped out at 6900 rpm. Any ideas? Also how cheap is it to switch over to manual exzhaust valves? I am 99% sure that they open because I checked that a few times before and even unhooked them and set them wide open. I am stumped.

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    How do I tell what carbs I have. It is on a 2000. I checked the pop off and each carb is at 22. Should I change that? Also where do I find info for the 2000? I downloaded the manual for the 97-98 but cant find the info for the 99-00.

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    if your using choke to rev up.....they surely running lean.....

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