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    Where to find a solenoid

    I cannot find a starter solenoid for my 99 SLX 1050. The only place is OEM and they want $80. I find that hard to believe for a solenoid. Where can I pick one up? I looked all over the internet. Thanks

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    Did you look at Babbitts, Partsland?

    Hmmm, the part number isn't so easy to find
    Edit: appears to be part number 3240204, used from 1994-2001

    Is there something special about this solenoid, that there is no replacement part number listed?

    My guess is that the used parts buys (john zeigler, et al), or Randy at, can find you a replacement solenoid.
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    Are you talking about the switch in the electrical box?

    If yes I have have one from a 97 slx 1050 that I'll give you a good price on. Free but you pay shipping.

    On babbits the part # the same (listed under magnito)

    Per k447 edit that part# is the part I have. I just got my ski running due to this forum and would like to pass on a little help.

    Don't have the knowledge but do have the part.
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    Thanks a lot PM sent!

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    Sounds like ya found one.

    If that falls through you can use a yamaha solenoid. They for like $20 I think.

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    Part is on the way

    7-2-2008 Shipped part priority mail $4.80 from St Louis

    You should receive in 2-3 days.

    I benefited from Green Hulk Members and I gave a little something back.

    Until next time

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