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    oil change for ultra lx

    I just purchased a new 2007 ultra lx/ The dealer told me I should bring it back in 20 hrs for the first service. Sad it would cost about 160 bucks. Is this a normal price? What do they do on the first service? And can I do this myself? I am new to this and need some good advice.

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    The price seems to vary from $0 to $175. Dealer changes oil, checks hoses etc. Check Owners Manual for details. Get Shop Manual too.

    Check oil level before and after every ride. Too much can be as bad as too little. Any rising oil level must be monitored for reasons discussed on other threads.

    Insist that dealer do 1st maint check in 10 not 20hrs! Insist on oil change too! Oil may need to be changed much more frequently than the 50hrs in manual. If you have an extended warranty, you may want dealer to check ski more frequently than minimum required anyway. May depend on what they charge, travel distance, down time etc.

    92 octane + only. See Salt Water Kawi thread for cleaning tips. Keep battery juiced with plug in tender.

    Good luck!

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    Oh, you said LX. Regular gas, no supercharger issues, great mileage, youre in great shape!

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    Thanks for the help. I will be riding in fresh and salt water. Just wanted to know if I was getting taken to the bank.

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