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    Question Question re FXHO Bearings being replaced

    Hi all,

    My ski started making a whinning noise on the week end.

    I have pulled the pump out and had a look.

    One bearing has clearly failed due to the axial load and metal has got into the other bearing and pitted the races on that one as well.

    The question I have is related to the Drive Shaft.

    Where the seals are loacted on the shaft - the surface is very shinny.

    There appears to be a couple of very small grooves - one of them may be 3 thou.

    The Ski has done 150 hours...

    In your experience - is this normal?

    Is this likely to cause the seals not to be able to seal water out?

    Should I be looking at a new shaft as well or not worry about it or can it be repaired somehow?
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