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    Clutch driven supercharger

    Why did sea doo decide to use to clutch design in the supercharger? Why didn't they use the belt driven type. To replace the entire clutch assembly every 100 hours and now with the X models you are required to take them in for service or they go into limp mode, it is kind of ridiculous. I just don't think that it was a smart idea but maybe someone can shed some light on the subject.

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    I think the biggest problem with belt driven is keeping the belt on. The purpose of the clutch is to keep from twisting the sc shaft with sudden rpm drops when coming in and out of the water. As far as clutch designs go I would say this is about the least expensive option to service.

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    Well the belt is no fix and most of the customers from our shop only put 20 hours a year on their ski's. So its not a problem to most of them. If the ski is being serviced regular the clutch can be done during normal service. I understand there are a few that do their own maint and it will be an issue and if it is the best way to tell Seadoo is not buy an 08. and bitch bitch bitch on forums like this they see it they listen but they also see it in corperate ROA terms .. The noisyest wheel gets the most grease

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sea-Yaa View Post

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    wow pure art

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