same guys featured in PWI april 2008 issue..

"A world record PW attempt of riding from London to Sydney is taking place in mid 2009.

‘The Ultimate Ride’ is being undertaken to raise funds for cancer research.

The brainchild of New Zealand born Australian, Jeremy Burfoot, The Ultimate Ride will set off from the Thames in late June 2009.

After crossing the English Channel, Jeremy and his co-rider, New Zealander Phil Briars, will enter the Rhine at Rotterdam and travel east until they join the Danube and spill out into the Black Sea before travelling across the Mediterranean to Suez.

The journey will then take them to India via the Red Sea and Indian Ocean and on to Singapore, then down the Indonesian Archipelago to Darwin in Northern Australia. A turn to the east and they navigate down the eastern seaboard via the Great Barrier Reef and Tasman Sea to arrive in Sydney sometime in November 2009.

The 28,000km ride will break the current PW distance record of 18,400km by over 9,000km.

Burfoot's reason for the challenge is based on his own dice with cancer. Phil Briars also has a role within the New Zealand Cancer Society.

It is a fantastic opportunity to raise global awareness for cancer and allow potential sponsors to gain maximum exposure. -JS&PW"