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Thread: xl 700 ?

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    xl 700 ?

    i have been looking for a 3seater for my wife and 2year old son to ride. can any give me some feedback on the an 02 xl 700 would it be a good ski i dont need it to go 70mph but will it get out of its own way and are they stable thanks

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    Rock solid ski! the next size up is the 800 but I don't like that engine! the xl 760 from a few years earlier is nice and has the full gage package and reverse! I have a 99 xl 700 and it is my wifes ski , my fishing ski and my most dependable ski! and I bought it as an x rental,, I also have 2 xl 1200's and while they are fun they are gas hogs ! but the 700 is a sipper , check all the storage and the hidden ice chest also

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    very reliable if you take careof it it will last for years. Not fast but it will get you there. Charging system is weak on all the old 2 cylinder Yamahas. and the exaust cooling can get plugged with shell and sand if its run in shallow water. But its fine for most

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    does the xl 700 have reverse? is it stable enough where my 2yr old could stand on it with out tipping over?

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    XL700 doesn't have reverse, but is very stable.

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    correct no reverse unless you add it ( easy) . I can stand on the side of mine without tipping it over and I'm 260

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