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    Lightbulb Michigan PWC owners!! question

    Just confirming this...

    I am buying a jet ski tomorrow, but he said he has no title because its in MI. He has the registration and everything like that, but no title.

    IL requires a title and such.

    Is the guy right, or is he BSing.


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    Not 100% sure but it seems the boat/pwc need to be over 20ft or a permanantly affixed engine to be titled as stated here

    Try the secretary of state in MI. They'll know for sure or call a store that sells PWC's up there.

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    Everyone of my skiis had/has a title.

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    thanks for the info, but the focka sold it! blah

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    To title here in Louisiana.
    Trailer titled only.

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    PWC in MI has a title! Absolutely! Do not buy without a title!

    The only POSSIBLE exception is if it's OLD... and I mean 1980's old. Not sure they titled them back then, but I had titles for my early 90's machines.

    Call the secretary of state with the MC #'s, they'll look it up for you, and let you know for sure if a title was issued and if there's a lien.

    I tried to buy a couple waveraiders a month or so ago and the guy couldn't come up with titles, according to SOS there were liens on them. Would have been a damn good deal had it gone through, ended up buying a 2000 GPR instead... with a title.

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