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    Good semi-auto full auto rifle....?

    On a budget of $400-700....?

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    there are several makes,
    1. dpms
    2. bushmaster
    3. colt

    1 & 2 are in your price range

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    Also the Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30 are good guns.
    both are in ur price range

    Mini-14 shoots a .223 round just like the AR-15/M-16 and uses the same clips, but it is only a semi auto.around $450-550

    Mini-30 shoots 7.62 rounds just like the AK-47 but it has its own clips which you can get up to a 40 round clip. around $580-600+

    I have shot the Mini-14 and it is alot of fun to shoot and Ruger does make good guns IMO.

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    In the semi-auto guns I prefer the Colts over all others. Yes you pay more for them but with the time I have with them they are better quality. If I had to choose other than Colt I would go with either- LMT or Noveske. In the price range listed, in my area that would be more in the price range of the Ruger Mini 14s. Not a bad gun, they always work. Just not near as accurate or the quality as the Colts. Also the Ruger mags cost 2-3 times as much as the AR-15 mags.( the Ruger Mini-14 and AR-15/M16 magazines will not interchange)

    In registered machine guns (full autos) the full Ruger Mini 14 is called the AC556 in blue finish or, the KAC556 in stainless steel. These guns are currently cost about $6,000 and up.

    The full auto AR-15 rifle, the M16 if the ball park of $10,000 and up depending on if it is a conversion gun (registered receiver, drop in auto sear or lightning link).
    The true Colt M16, M16A1s and M16A2s will average from $13,000 and up for a true original factory made machine gun.

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    AK-47. AR-15 need to have plenty of oil so that they dont jam. AK-47 can be dragged thru the mud and keep on going.

    Show me an AR-15 that can do what an AK-47 will do, and I would buy more.

    But are you looking for an "assult" rifle?
    And what would its purpose be?

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    a handgun now a semi auto rifle, Im dam glad I dont live near you Geo

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    Geo Please Buy A Water Gun Your Bud Todd

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    get an AR........

    ive got a DPMS 16" heavy barrel..... its a bad mofo
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    Also one thing to consider is the price of ammo. If this is to be fired maybe once a month, then it really doesn't matter. If you are going to go and fire it weekly, it can get rather expensive. The ammo for the ARs are extremely high right now due to the war. The ammo for the AKs is dirt cheap in comparison.

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    +1 on the AK-47. I have a Romainian AK-47 WASR10, high capacity. You can add 10, 30 or 40 round clips, or 100 round drums. That 100 round drum is heavy though.

    kalashnikov Ak-47's are used by more than 50 armies in the world. Although they share the same major components, many differ slightly, hence naming a rifle by the Country of its use. Chinese, Russian, Romainian, etc. Usually have different stocks, or hand supports.

    As far as bullets/rounds, everything is a bit high right now, except for 9 mm, 45 cal, pellets and paintball. It seems like I am seeing more and more isles of paintball stuff lately in the general stores, like walmart k mart, etc. lol
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