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    WTB - Riva or R&D GP1200R Intake Grate

    Looking to buy a new or used Riva or R&D GP1200R intake grate in good condition. Please let me know if you have anything available.

    I may be selling my R&D GP800R intake grate soon if anyone is interested. Only has a couple hours of use. Like new.

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    ck pm

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    Hi Mike....please can you tell me what the advantages are of fitting a GP1200R intake grate to a GP1300R ? What gains in terms of performance can be seen ?
    Many thanks & have a good day Sir

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    Hi Waynesworld2,

    The aftermarket GP1200R grate is the same part for the GP1200R and GP1300R. In 2003 when the GP1300R arrived, the hull pretty much stayed the same with a larger displacement motor. Ride plate, intake grate, and most handling components stayed the same.

    The 2 aftermarket grates for the GP1200R or GP1300R are the GP1200R (RIVA, R&D) and GP800R (R&D) styles.

    GP1300R stock intake grate - crap, can be dangerous at high speeds when letting go of the throttle quickly. (causes lift and a violent sharp turn)

    GP1200R intake grate- better hook up/holeshot, 1mph or so slower on top end.

    GP800R intake grate- more cavitation on holeshot and midrange, 1 mph faster at top end

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