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    Scat-Trak Products for the 250X

    Check out all the combinations and decent info.
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    Great find ES! I briefly read thru the descriptions, interesting that the venturi nozzell they are selling goes from 83 mm to 91 mm, with .5 incriments…..I've found that from running my 81mm ring VS my 84 mm ring, my rpms are quite different! I have come to the conclusion that the 84mm rings are best for MY riding conditions. R-Rated's are from 81-85.
    I am really digging the heavy duty cable setup. Having seen an accident early this year, which involved a stearing cable breaking, thus having the ski HIT a scoring boat at a good speed, I for one DON’T want to take that chance. I'll shell out the $200 bucks if it prevents breakage and injury. I looked at the Skat Track site, but didn’t find any additional information, or my favorite, Pictures.
    Looks as if the 250x is getting a lot of new options. This boat can be set up for the different riding styles!

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    Where i can buy this parts ?

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    I agree with Dubs about the steering cable. We will have one installed next week in the green boat.

    I'll do a thread on the install etc. if no on else has yet or by then.

    This is legal for all classes and if there has been failures, it should be done.

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