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    Question Stand Up SXR800, how do you stop it from porposing??

    New to jet skiing, and got a 800 this weekend.

    How do I stop it from porposing??

    I leaned forward (better)

    And stood back a well, worse.

    Thanks for the help in advance!

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    Ride more, it sounds like a mean answer but the only real answer is to ride as much as you can and you will just feel the change. If you are having mayjor problems then you can put on an extended ride plate to help.

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    I know I need plenty of learing, but find it hard to stop.

    And the odd thing (for me at least) sometimes leaning forward works O.K., and sometimes leaning back works o.k.

    I'm 6'1" 195 lbs, so not sure if I'm on the big side of a stock machine. It has plenty of power, pulls me out with ease!

    Thanks again for the help.

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    You are tall but not too heavy for it. After while you will learn to feel the hull moving up and down and your legs will know what to do.

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    longer ride plate, rear sponsons, shorter pole.... this will bring you forward more on the boat and keep it from porposing....

    i am 5'10" 285 and can ride a stock sxr with no problem

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    rear sponsons will help it to hook a turn better, normally the hull likes to carve on its edge, but the rear sponson will allow real tight bouy course style hard turns w/out sliding.

    i can tell you many like the r&d ride plate, but i myself have never tried one. i do plan on purchasing the macc racing ride plate by the end of the summer.

    i am 5-10 and 240. no shortened handlepole here.

    enjoy - i love my sx-r more than the day i watched it get lifted directly from a sealed create and placed on my trailer at the dealer.

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