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    vx 110 won't go more than 5000 rpm

    i am not in "L" mode and my '06 VX 110 won't go faster than 20 mph or 5000 rpm. i can't figure out what is wrong. it runs great...just won't accelerate. could it be stuck in "L" mode but the light is not coming on?

    any remarks would be greatly appreciated.

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    It may not be an issue with the L mode. I have the 08 vx and even with the L mode on it gets up to 42mph. Try your key again...the ski should beep twice if the ski is back in normal mode.

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    vx 110

    i am sure it is in the correct mode. it is only beeping twice (instead of 3 times for L mode) and the L mode light is NOT on.

    I am pressing on the accelerator, and i am afraid i have flooded it.

    I also just found out they have recalled the VX110 from 04-08.

    i am glad to hear that it is not the mode...i have been wondering how it works in L mode to see if that is the problem. it sounds like it is not.
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    I beleive the recall was for wear on the throttle that correct. If that is right...I just got mine fixed and it took less than 2 hours at the dealership. You shouldnt have any issues.

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