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    Lost perf. when switched NGK 8's to IX27 iridium

    I ran a best of 74.9 with my Rive stage II at 8100rpm with NGK 8's(stock) and felt strong on top end.

    Then I switch to Iridium IX27 and ran 74.2 best and it did not felt good on top. It felt like dying on top end. (however engine started quickly and accelerated great).

    I will switch back to stock NGK plugs 8's.

    Any experience with this?

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    With the sped difference as said,,,that could just be water temp. The 27`s are just for durability = longevity. Its not laughin gas. If plugs did that much I`d be the first one on em 30 years ago.

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    got it !!!

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