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    Please help JS550 flooded

    My JS550 flooded with water. I drained it out, dryed it up, and got it started. After running a few seconds I seen sparks fron the electric case area. Hit stop...Tried starting again...totally dead. Press start and no turn over no click, nothing. Something burnt out. I am thinking selonoid, but any suggestions from someone who knows better then me? Thank you in advance for you help and suggestions. Any one know the path this takes ie..relay, igniter, selonoid, regulator..what order does this go in?

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    Just open it up and see what burnt. If you could see sparks then there should be burn marks.

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    I thought the same thing. Can't see any burn marks nor smell anything that seems to be burnt. It is possible that the sparks came from the booster cable touching a metal clip because I was jumping the battery at the time. It happend to quick and I shut down right away befor properly seeing where the sparks were coming from. All the electronisc sit inside the casing so the sparks would not have come from something inside there, but is it possible to short somthing out by having the +lead touch metal while jumping? Once again, your suggestions are much appreciated. What path is taken from the battery. Igniter, relay, regulator, selonid or do I have these mixed up.

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    Your powering path goes from the red(+) lead off the battery, to the start solenoid first. There will be a few smaller wires which run from the solenoid to the start/stop switch and most likely branch off in the harness to the cdi(igniter). The stator has nothing to do with the battery powered side of the electrical. It only takes over once the engine is running. As for the regulator, it only deals with the power output from the stator once running.

    If you're not getting spark I would check the pulser coil or some people know it as the pick-up coil. It's in the same housing as the stator and if it has any water in there, it will most likely either rust up a bit or sometimes it finds a way to gel up and create an insulated bridge between the flywheel and pulser coil. Another very easy quick thing to do is pull your high tension leads out of the spark plug caps, snip off a 1/4 of an inch and re-screw the caps on. Then put a really good zip-tie on there to make it very solid. They have a tendency to pull out with time and lose some of the wires making a really poor connection to the plug caps. Oh and if you want to find where the sparks came from and you have an idea...have a look at where you think it will look a little pitted from the arcing because the sparks are actually some of the metal which has been blown off of where ever you tagged to make a short.
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