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    2007 speedster 215 more hole shot

    Anyone come up with the best impeller/wear ring/nozzle configuration to blast out of the hole? Anyone know of an aftermarket nozzle that would add trim? I don't really want to add trim tabs to accomplish this. Losing a few mile per hour to gain the drive off the line is okay with me.

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    Bigger nozzle means better holeshot, but your nozzle is already 84mm, so you're not going to get much bigger than that without boring it out yourself.

    I typically to people south of the Mason-Dixon to slap on a Solas Concord 13/18 on a stock to stage-1 150. With all my big money mods, I've gained decent top end, but don't feel I accelerate a whole lot better than when I had a just 4" intake and the 13/18. Possibly lost half a mph, but boy did it pull hard off the line. The boat produces so much more power in cold water though, so up in your stomping grounds, you might could get the same results with a 14/19 and even gain another half on the top end.

    I'm not sure I'd bother with the SS wear ring if I had it to do over again, it does wear the prop a tad.

    The ski-ers sometimes use a wedge on their pump to trim the front up (2 or 2.5 degrees) to gain about a mph, but I've never heard of someone trying it with a boat. The idea is that less of the hull is in the water to produce drag, but it seems to me that even so, the hull left in the water in now hitting with a higher attitude, which would increase drag. Someday a boater will test this out.

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