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    ultra 150 help!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so ill tell you the story about my 1999 ultra 150 before i tell you what my problem is and mabey that will help to acess the problem. so my buddy works at a pawn shop and knows that i mess with skis a little bit. he called me up one day and told me they had a ultra 150 for sale for $1000 he said it only had 47hrs had one bad cylinder. so i thought cool rebuild one cylinder and get it on the water. so i went and bought the ski but before i bought it i did a compression check and it had 120,0,120. i got it home pulled the motor and the piston, head, and jug were screwed. so i got a used pistion, jug, and head with 40hrs on them. then i decided to take the bottom end apart to make sure there was no metal in the there and when i took the crank cases off the engine would not turn over (it worked fine when i did a comp check)i sprayed it with wd40 and worked it back and forth and it finally came free but it was rough and there was one spot it would stick and i would have to to push harder. then i sprayed it with 2 cans of carb cleaner. i thought mabey it might have some little pieces of metal in it and that would get them out. then the engine finally started turning over great (weird just all the sudden). them i put it all back together and all the comp was good 120 in all three. so i took it to the lake today and i drove it around for like 3 min while i was waitin on my buddy to get there and i helped him unload his ski then when i went to start mine up all i got was a grunt from the starter. after like 15 min i couldent get it to work. all the connections were good and its a new battery. so what do you think? is my bottom end screwed. oh yeah also the motor was really hot. not sizzling water hot but still hot enought to burn my hand. is that normal to

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    Check all the cooling lines for clogs. Also take out the 90 deg head fittings and make sure nothing is in there. Try running it on a hose and make sure it is getting water out all 4 pissers.

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    Why are you linking this post to PWCtoday?

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    i figured the more places i had it posted the more help i would get.

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