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    95 wave venture whining noise

    The ski seems to be running fine. No noise at idle but as soon as you start to go it just sound horrible. Other people have rode it and say it sounds like something stuck in the impellor but we and looked several times and can find nothing.

    First I checked the compression on the motor and it has 145 PSI in both cylinders. We greased the main drive bearing again and no change in the whining.

    The ski does have 310 hours on it now.

    Any ideas would be appreciated!!

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    Wear ring

    Check your wear ring impeller distance all the way around, you may have high spot if this is good, your pump bearings are shot. Easy way to tell is take cone cap off on back, three 10mm bolts, smell it, if smell like death turn over the coals you need bearings and seals. For either of this inspections the best way is to take out the pump from the hull.

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    Is this something the average person can do themselves or is this a dealer only.

    Thanks for the Help

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