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    washing and lubing after in salt water??

    what do you guys do after youve been riding in the sea??
    wash ski with wash and wax with bucket and sponge then wax aftre?or simply hose down?
    and do you wash engine down every time after sea?

    also what do youdo when spraying down?spray all conections and whole engine?its a rxp-x

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    Right after I take the ski out of the water, I wash it down with Salt Away. You must do this if you are riding in the sea. Sometimes I will even wash it with Meguair's Flagship Marine Wash (see link below) after the salt away. Also, I would put a coat of wax on and spray everything down inside the engine compartment as well as the pump, etc. with Fluid Film, before you put in in the sea. I usually don't spray down the engine, unless I see alot of water in the hull, so I'm not the expert on that. Hope this helps.

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    I usually rinsed everything down (light spray around the engine) with the hose. Lately I've taken up using SaltAway for the engine flush itself and blow out the remaining SaltAway in the dispenser over the rest of the hull.

    Seadoo Lube (Bomardier Lube) is AMAZING when it comes to water displacement and corrosion protection. But WD-40 is a lot cheaper (and hence I use more of it).

    It takes some practice to efficiently use the SaltAway and make the water run down the hull without pooling. When everything dries and you find salt crystals, you will know where to rinse more carefully next time.

    But I definitely spray some type of lube (WD-40 in my case) on all hose clamps, anything with threads exposed, linkages and exposed hardware.

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