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Thread: driveline help

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    driveline help

    Was on the lake today when disaster struck. I would give it gas a noticed a different noise. Decided to tow back to beach where I found the driveline had some play. Everything was solid in the crank but the drive had a different play in it like berrings had busted. Anyone have a manual for a 95 780 slx and anyone have any suggestions in fixing it. My repair place is 400 miles away and wondering if i could fix it myself. The area of concern was up around the crank where the shaft attaches. Motor still runs fine. Thanks to all and happy riding.

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    First thing to do is remove the 4 long jet pump bolts and remove the pump. Then check the bearings to see if you're correct about them being bad. Also check the drive shaft splines and engine coupler for damage.

    The service manual is posted in the tech section.

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    Thanks, I will get on it when I get back home.

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    what would cause the coupler cover to come off? I haven't greased the coupler because I didn't know it had a nipple on it. Could that probably be the problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ercoach View Post
    what would cause the coupler cover to come off?
    Usually, the plastic cover over the drive shaft coupler would only come off when you undo the gear clamp holding it, and physically pull the cover off.

    The cover does not cover the grease nipple for the through-hull bearing, but if your coupler itself has a grease fitting, then you would need to remove the cover to get at that grease fitting.

    I haven't greased the coupler because I didn't know it had a nipple on it.
    The coupler needs grease, but not as badly as the through-hull bearing. Without grease, the splines connecting the drive shaft to the coupler can wear, especially if the engine to drive shaft alignment is not 100% in line.

    If the splines wear out, then the coupler will slip against the drive shaft. You will have less or no thrust, and some noise from the slipping splines.
    Could that probably be the problem?
    If you have not been greasing the through-hull bearing, then it may well have gone bad. Without grease, water can work its way inside, and between friction and rust, the bearing will die.

    Is it the through-hull bearing that you think is the problem, or the coupler splines?

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    Ihave greased the through-hull bearing normally. just didn't know the coupler needed it. I bet it is the coupler splines because it seems to freewheel and would explain the noise and lack of thrust. Thanks for the imput K447.

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