I have 10 hours on my machine. I did my own oil change, etc. Right after the oil change, I noticed an unusual drain on the battery. To make a long story short, I was out in the water with the key off of the post and after 30 seconds or so, the display came on for about a second. The display then came on for a second or so every 30 seconds thereafter.

I then took her out for another spin and dived the front end of the boat under water. I then took the key off of the post and the dern display then came on about every 10 seconds or so. Given the above, I am wondering if the water is shorting the circuit to the ECU? Or is the ECU bad? Does anyone know what is going on or has had/heard of a similiar problem??

Another thing was occurring as well. Right after I would start the machine, a message came on the display reading MAINT. Is this message a result of the 10 hour service being required?? Does the dealer need to reset the ECU?? Or is this message a result of my problem?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!