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    Unhappy So I took out the engine!

    I rode my friends ski and it rode like a dog! it took literally 9.5 hours to get to dream-o-meter 29mph!!!!

    It was horrible, and I new something was wrong when I hit the throttle...!!

    I went to his house later in the day, after calling jim because I didn't even know where to start..

    I got there and checked:

    Servo Motor it was fine and running.

    so I was like lets check the compression, and we did..

    1st cylinder: 106

    2nd Cylinder: 115

    3rd Cylinder: 0

    I just focused on the 3rd cylinder, but doesn't the 1st seem to be a little low? how can we fix that?

    anyway so I was focusing on the 3rd cylinder..

    we had one of those socket pieces that goes into a drill, so taking the head bolts off took like 30 seconds it was freaking awesome!

    But then we realized 2 bolts were under the stinger, so I jumped down and took the stinger out..

    took the head off, and I saw that piston!

    I can not explain the piston. It looked like the most burnt marshmallow that you have ever seen/imagined.

    It was the worst thing I have ever seen, and I need to get a picture because it is also the worst that I have seen on this site.

    I turned the coupler so that the piston went down there were HUGE nicks in the cylinder walls, and i was just shaking my head.

    So I was like alright lets get this this this this and since I actually had a little bit of an idea of what I was doing this time around we got it torn down fairly quickly!

    We got the exhaust manifold off, and took the engine out with the carbs on, luckily he had a cherry picker which I see how nice they are to have at your place...

    We got the engine out, and took the cylinder off and this piston wouldn't even come off the crank.

    we had to basically break the cylinder ring off, and the metal on the piston is like melted over where the rod goes through so we couldn't even get it out.. he will have to break and probably dremel out an area so that the rod will even come out...

    The piston rings on the piston were one with the piston, he was like look there aren't even piston rings I was like huh? they are those 2 pieces right there that are inside your piston...

    well just wanted to tell you guys this, can you guys tell me what you think about the front 2 cylinder compression..

    his 3rd cylinder head was really really messed up, so with his ski so dead like this I remebered I had mine, and really feel bad cause he was supposed to go out to the lake today where there are going to be a ton of people!!!!

    and so I just told him I'd give him my stock head and am going to come back some other time once I get a cylinder/piston and get it back together with/for him!

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    It's a little low, but I wouldn't sweat it at this point. Just fix the rear cylinder, and find out why it went lean. Either a case leak, carb or maybe sucked up water.

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