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    Klotz R-50 In A Pv Engine?

    I just got my R-50 and was going to mix it 40;1 but just to be on the safe side called KLOTZ only to get discouraged,,the klotz tech line told me its not recommended for pv engines!!! but it plainly states on the back of the bottle RECOMMENDED FOR POWERVALVE ENGINES,,he said unless im turning 10,000 or more rpm`s it will gum up the pv`s,,,he said it is a 50 wt oil,, he recommended the skicraft.i am running premix,bigbore.
    has anyone on here used r-50 in there pv gpr`s?
    i was thinking the amsoil dominator is very compatible with the r-50 i know a lot of people are running it.what do you guys think? thanks jeff
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    i have been using R50 for about 15-20 hrs and havent had any problems yet....but im interested in this as well!!!!....

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    I think that maybe whoever you spoke to was talking out their a@@. R50 is designed for high perf 2-strokes in a racing applications. I used this stuff in my 250 Moto-x race bikes in the UK with no problems, PV's clean as a whistle, 250 2 stroke MX bike max RPM is around 8500.

    Basically what that person was saying is that this very expensive oil is only good for sub 125cc mx bikes and grass cutters !

    Try calling them again you may get someone who knows what they are talking about and a completely different story. Its happened to me before !

    P.S This oil in the UK is over $20 a LITER so I wasnt gonna splash out on this if it didnt work.

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    We have been using R50 in our skis or years!!!!
    No issues, awsome stuff for the ski!

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    I don't know about the Klotz but I've been pre-mixing the Dominator in my pv 1300 with excellent results.

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    TJ recommended me this R-50 stuff and he doesn't believe in nothing more.
    He showed me the crank of a motor that ran Klotz and another with Amsoil...
    The one with Klotz looked brand new like if it hadn't been run and the Amsoil had a reddish coat over it.
    I decided to keep using my Dominator since i had almost 5 gallons of that stuff that i had ordered.
    But I am always curious as to why he likes the R-50 so much.

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    I've been using Klotz for a number of years and do a yearly check of the PVs. TJ recommended it.

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