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    help fule problem or ?

    i have a 94 sl 750 i got running it had an air leak in the intake track and no. 1 pistion burnt up . so i fixed all that and took it out for a ride it ran good for 10 to 15 minutes and then just bogged down and died but it fired right backup and died 10 seconds later but it will fire right back up here are some things i have checked

    fuel water seprator good
    fuel filter good
    fuel in tank looks bad yellow and has some water in it took a sample this cant be the only thing wrong with it right
    took the heads off the cylinder walls look good wash wise

    any help or ideas thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert3 View Post
    fuel water separator good
    fuel filter good
    fuel in tank looks bad yellow and has some water in it...
    Bogging usually means a fuel delivery problem.

    Have you disassembled and cleaned the carbs internally?

    Try this next time it dies. Unscrew the gas cap to release pressure.

    If you have a vacuum in the tank instead of mild pressure, then the fuel tank vent is not working properly. If releasing and re-tightening the gas cap fixes the problem, then check those fuel tank one-way venting valves.

    You have water in the tank, but not in the fuel/water separator, and the gasoline looks wrong?

    If you can, drain out the old fuel, wash and dry the tank, clean out the fuel lines and separator of the old fuel, and start with fresh. Old gas, with water in it, is just not going to be a good thing.

    While you are at it, be sure the fuel lines inside the tank are in good shape.

    When you are riding, any water in the tank gets churned into the gasoline. Also, if the gas has any Ethanol in it from the refinery, then the Ethanol will absorb some of the water, and then the fuel doesn't burn properly.

    Have you upgraded the fuel pump to a three outlet, or at least rebuilt the old fuel pump?

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    the bogging is a lack of fuel to the cylinders. you'll probably burn no. 1 again.........

    get all that bad gas out of the fuel tank, out of the fuel lines and out of the carbs.

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    Welcome to the Hulk Robert.

    Was there any pressure or a vacuum present inside the gas tank?

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