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    98 gp1200 pump swap?

    Hey guys, frist off YES I've tried to use the search button But I'm in the process of working on my first ski since my kawi 750 from the 90s. Just pickup up a modded out 98 gp1200. The owner of the ski is a great guy and had many of long talks about the ski.

    Anyways he gave me a new pump along with the ski telling me that from what he remembers reading that it was a good lil mod. An xlt pump swap in a gp1200? He told me to do some research and see what I could find?
    Any info would be great.
    Thanks, John

    Oh and the mods are:
    Cases and cylinders Riva ported
    (Riva ride plate, mechanical trim tabs, sponsons, Intake grate, fuel kit, CDI, with trued hull and custom pitched prop by Bubba)
    Everything was done by Bubba or off a Riva race boat.

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    Won't even come close to working. 2 totally different pump setups.

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