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    Another injection question

    I decided that I would do away with the oil injection on my 94 650 gtx today since i had to rebuild the engine. First i took the oil pump off and removed the plastic gear and put the pump back on. Then I pulled the big line going to the pump off and plugged it and the place it hooks to the pump. I left the two small lines in place as well as the big lines that go to the crankcase ( one line on each side). Am I ready to go pre mix or is there more to do. Thanks. Also what ratio.

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    I would take the small lines off the pump, plug them and leave them attached to the intake manifold. Mine are still attached and I just used 2 steering ball-joints from a radio controlled car as a plugs. They're dirt cheap and not only is there the threaded rod perfect for a tie-strap to lock onto, there's also that ball to lodge into the line and make a really good seal. As long as those two little lines or if they've been removed, the intake manifold oiler ports are well plugged you're all set. As for the large line off the bottom of the injector, I just plugged it and left it on the pump, and plugged the bottom of the filter. Smart move getting away from those injectors. Mine blew up just as I hit the boat launch so my engine was saved

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