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    Water in the bilge?

    I was just wondering again if other boat owners experience a little water in the bilge after a day out on the water,I open my drain plugs and some water pours out for 6-10 seconds . I'm thinkin its partailly condensation because of the temp of the water and bottom of the boat from the cold water .When I run it on the hose I dont have any leaks and in the water I dont see anything. Even on a calm day I still get a little . My friend has a rxp and his hull stays dry ,I guess the boats are diffrent?Thanks guys

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    Check your drain plug O-Rings

    They may be dry rotted and leaking slightly

    My O-Rings were shot after 2 seasons

    Went to Lowes and matched up the originals with some new ones.

    I also replaced the large O-Ring around my gas cap because it was dry rotted

    If your not taking water on over the bow or from getting in and out of the water, you really shouldn't have any water in the bilge

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    i usually have some water in the bilge. most probably from people getting in and out of the water.

    you don't say what kind of boat you have. on the trailer, you could put some water in it up over suspect leaks and see if you can find where it leaks out. If you have the rotax powered jet, the thru hull carbon drive shaft seals tend to leak some water. The intake grate bolts may also be leaking as well as any other thru hull bolt or fastener.

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    get some one to look at the exhaust while you are on the throtle to see if any water is leaking from the exhaust manifold. Both of my seadoos were leaking there.

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    Sorry I forgot to say it is a 2008speedster 150,its not alot of water but it makes me curious,if no water sprays me in the boat could it still get in the vents on both sides?

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    where was the exhaust manifold leaking from? Where it joins to the pipe?

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    Manifold is not leaking ,I was just curious if a little water in the bilge is normal on these boats

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    practically every boat I have seen being pulled out of the water and then the drain plug pulled, some water always comes out. I guess if you don't have any leaks and no one getting in and out of the water, then it should stay dry.

    The bilge pump and suction siphon system should keep any water to in the hull to a minimum even if you have a small leak.

    The question of this being normal or not all depends on how the water is getting into the hull. To find potential leaks, you can either open the engine cover and inspect for leaks when the boat is in the water, or you can put some water in the hull when it's on the trailer and see if any drips out.

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    thanks I'll try it

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