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    2001 Virage TXI Fuel Problem, I THINK???

    Thank you so much everyone for prior responses to my other posts. It sure helps when you have so many willing people put their imput in. New problem has arose. Normal rpm's on my virage txi 3 cylinder read around 8000 at 53-56mph. This weekend one of the two virages I have started to dog out a little reaching no higher than 6000 rpm and 40-45mph. It would pop up to 8000rpm very rarely and only for a short spirt. It also sounded doggy at very low, almost idle speeds. About the only thing I am mechanically smart enough to do is replace all plugs, which I did and it did not cure it. My next guess would be a fuel filter. Any help would be appreciated. And if you think it may be a filter, where the heck is it.



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    Have you checked compression?

    The 2002 Service Manual is available here. Most should also apply to your 2001, except the 2002 does not have an electrical box.

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