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    Where can I buy wristpin thrust washers???

    I baught a 1996 Waveventure 1100 with a melted piston. I have purchased a new crank, pistons and all the machine work is completed. As I went to put the engine together, I found that I did not receive any new thrust washers. I would re-use my old ones, but I only have five, since the sixth thrust washer was melted into the piston. Does anyone know where I can purchase a new set of thrust washers? Your help is appreciated!

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    I don't run them with my aftermarket pistons but if you want some check also see this link

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    did u purchase a stock crank or a aftermarket crank? The hot rod cranks come with the bigger bearings that dont use the washers. Also can buy them from promarine. (the bigger bearings that take up the room of the washers) These hold up better and eliminates the washer, which can sieze and damage engine. I believe they are also a little bit beefier as well.

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    I picked up some from Parker yamaha (internet).

    Make sure that you got the right wrist pin bearing. Yamaha makes 2 types (a wider bearing without washers is used on the 650 motor, or the bearing and washers used on your waveventure). - I had top end kit come with the bearings for the 650, even though the kit was for a 701 cc motor. Anything for the seller to save $2

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