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    2002 800DI Won"t Start & Backfires

    Can anyone H E L P !!!!! I have a '02 800 DI that set for about 18 months with stable in the gas. I put a new battery, plugs,oil and gas. It's fire every once in awhile but will then backfire. There is a oil and gas mixture comming out the exhust. I have 24 volts at the injectors while cranking.

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    Do you have consistent spark?

    The Service Manual is available here.

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    yes it has consistent spark. I used the service manual and tested everything i could without the software. Do u know where i can buy the software as we are in south Texas with no help , the only shop that work on polairs pwc is 400 mile away? I hope were not the only ones that have this with polairs 800di
    Many Thanks for the manual from K447

    sent my 02 800di to be scaned they say the emm is bad is there a place that i can send it for repair are test it
    some one said DFI many thank"s if some one give me that info .
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