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    Need jetting specs for unported 1300 with OEM head, carbs and CDI

    I am trying to help out another forum member who is running 1300 cylinders on a 1200 carbed ski. He is using an OEM head (not machined) and an OEM CDI with OEM carbs with F/As.

    We have tried the same jetting as I use on my converted 1200 to 1300 ski and the jetting is too rich. My ski is set-up different though as I have the compression bumped up to 170.

    The jetting used was

    1.5 N/S
    95 or 115 spring

    His ski stumbles a bit off idle. My ski pulls like a freight train. I need to figure out how much to change the jetting to account for the reduced compression he is running.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I am running 110 pilots and 130 mains on my XLT with 1300 cylinders. I was running 115 pilots but it kept loading up on the bottom. I am running 1.5 n/s with 95 gram spring

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