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    Question About Ride Plate

    Question About Ride Plate
    If I get the Ocean pro ride plate what should I get for my 1997 1050sl? Short or Long? I do not mind losing alittle speed and want to do it with out too much modification if possible? I want to get a smoother ride in chop. What about the ride plates I see on ebay, I think it's that guy Ken u guys talk about.

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    Ken is the owner of OP. And that is him on Ebay.

    If you're always riding in choppy water, prob get the "O" (ocean) plate or the longer of the 2.

    The "R" (racing) plate is the shorter one, and is good for handling without scrubbing MPH.

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    Question About Ride Plate

    Do I have a long or short pump? I read if I have a long pump then I can use the Ocean ride plate.

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    the sl1050 has a long pump

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