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    717 Single Carb question

    I recently bought a 95 seadoo XP with 717 engine with a single carb. My 95 seadoo HX 717 has 2 carbs and is fast. The XP has had a new motor put in by the D.A.P.O. My question is will this XP 717 function right with just a single carb, if so what should be a good starting point for the jets. What about Timing? Thanks
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    seadoo speedster with twin 720's had single carbs and work fine. so try to find their jetting specs.

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    All 97 and up GTI, GS and GSI skis have the 720 motor with the single I body carb. Look at stock jetting for them and you'll be fine. You will only notice a little loss of acceleration with a single carb, the performance is not that far off.

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